A Few Of Our Best iPad Plans
  • Available in silver or space grey
  • Also available 32GB and 64GB models
  • Low upfront cost
Vodafone £36
Per Month
iPad Mini With Retina Display
  • 10GB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £29.00 Up Front Cost
  • With 6 Months of Netflix

Three Mobile
  • Ideal for high data usage
  • Also available 32GB and 64GB models
  • Available in White or Black
3 Mobile £29
Per Month
iPad With Retina Display
  • 15GB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £69.00 Up Front Cost
  • 3G Connection Speed

Data Plans
  • Available in silver or space grey
  • Also available 32GB and 64GB models
  • Direct from Vodafone
Orange £42
Per Month
iPad Air
  • 10GB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £29.00 Up Front Cost
  • With 6 Months of Netflix

At Simgroup We Compare The Best Pay Monthly iPad Contract Deals

Do you want an iPad on contract with a 3G or 4G data plan included? At Simgroup we compare the best iPad deals complete with inclusive mobile data so you can be access the internet on your iPad anywhere. We don't just compare the best iPad data plans, we also show you where you can get a pay monthly iPad on finance with at the cheapest prices in the UK.

With some pay monthly iPad plans there can be high up front cost but with our plans you can order a brand new iPad plan with an up front cost as little as £29. We compare the best iPad on contract deals from the big high street mobile networks including EE, Vodafone and Three Mobile.

So how must data do you require to keep you happy without using you monthly data allowance each month? With Three iPad deals you can receive a monthly data allowance as high as 15GB a month of inclusive data. Don't worry if you don't want to pay for more data than you will need because we also offer iPad plans with a monthly data allowance starting from as little as 2GB per month.

So which model do you choose? There are a few different models to compare but don't panic, we give you all the information you need about each model ensuring that you know the difference between the iPad Air, iPad With Retina Display, iPad Mini and iPad Mini With Retina Display.

If your credit rating isn't great, the chances are you will not be approved when you apply for one of these offers and you may be better off saving you money and signing up for an iPad sim only. Otherwise the chances are you could just receive that iPad on contract you’ve been searching for. We compare 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB iPad deals which dependent on model, are available in silver, space grey or white.

If you already have an iPad and are just looking for iPad data sims then you can find them right here. We compare the best sim only deals for the iPad with all the best networks to help you decide the best plan for your needs. With prices from £7.50 a month for 1 GB of monthly data you can't go wrong.

Can I Get An Ipad On Contract With No Up Front Cost?

Unfortunately not! But don't worry, an iPad contract can vary in the price that is charged up front. Both Vodafone and EE offer iPad plans with a low up front cost from as little as £29 which applies to some of the 16GB iPad mini and iPad Air deals.

One thing to consider is that the lower the cost you pay to begin with usually results in there being a higher monthly charge and over the course of the contract it can work out more by trying to save a bit at the beginning. Also prices can become higher with iPad models with a larger amount of internal memory or the amount of data that you require.

Do You Want 3G or 4G Data Plans With Your iPad?

One more thing to consider is do you want an iPad with a slower 3G connection or a super-fast 4G connection? EE already offer 4G as standard (or 4GEE as they call it) but they also offer another plan called 4GEE+. With 4GEE+ you can stream movies from EE Film and it doesn't dent your data allowance.

Three Mobile are currently rolling out 4G across the country so as of yet it is not available in all areas and you will have to check to see which areas are currently 4G compatible. But don't worry if you are in a 3G area because as soon as 4G is ready you will be upgraded to faster internet speeds for no extra cost.

As for Vodafone they currently offer both 3G and 4G plans, again subject to areas coverage, with 3G generally being the cheaper option. It is also worth mentioning that Vodafone are currently offering 6 months free Netflix membership with selected iPad plans. You can also choose an iPad on contract which includes the Telegraph digital pack.

Best Of The iPad Deals With Lots Of Data Included In Within The Plan

If you are planning on using your tablet a lot more when you are out and about you may want to consider a deal with 10GB or 15GB of data included in the iPad plan. EE, Vodafone and Three all offer an iPad on contract with this amount of inclusive data.

On the other hand, if you only require a lower monthly allowance EE and Vodafone offer data plans with as little as 2GB of inclusive data each month. If this is your  preferred option the please be aware that you could be charged extra if you go over your monthly data allowance.

Which iPad Finance Plan Should I Choose Based On A Bad Credit Rating?

If you have a bad credit rating the chances are you are not going to get an iPad on credit. However if you already have a mobile contract with your network and your pay monthly payments are up to date then you may be able to take out an extra contract such as an iPad.

An alternative would be to apply for finance from a company that specialises in bad credit such as Provident. This way you may be able to get the loan to cover the cost of an iPad and then opt for a sim only data plan instead. The downside to this option would be the high interest rates that you may incur and you may find that you could be better off by saving up for an iPad instead.

If you have an excellent credit rating then you should have no problem opting for the deals with the lower up front charges. If your credit rating is good but not perfect then the deals with then you could be better off opting for an iPad plan where you pay a good amount up front. This may help prove to the network that you are more likely to be able to afford to keep up with the monthly payments.

Posted By Darren Carter. Last Updated 27th of February 2015

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