Best Pay Monthly iPad Contracts

Get An iPad with mobile data and a low up front costBeen searching for an iPad contract with a 3g data plan included? Your search has ended! We compare the best iPad deals complete with inclusive mobile data. Now you can use you're iPad anywhere you wish to. We don't just show the 3G data plans we will also show you where to get a pay monthly ipad on finance with low monthly costs too.

With some pay monthly iPad plans you can pay an up-front cost of up to £345 but with us you can order a brand new iPad with no up front cost. We compare iPad prices from Vodafone and Three Mobile where you can receive up to 15 GB of inclusive monthly data. All you need is a good credit score and the ability to pay the monthly charges. The chances are you could just receive that iPad on contract you’ve been searching for. We compare 16GB, 32GB or 64GB iPad deals which are available in black or white.

If you already have an iPad and are just looking for iPad data sims then you can find them right here. We compare the best sim only deals for the iPad with all the best networks to help you decide the best plan for your needs. With prices from £7.50 a month for 1 GB of monthly data you can't go wrong.

A Few Of Our Best iPad Deals
Three Mobile
  • Ideal for high data usage
  • Also available 32GB and 64GB models
  • Direct from 3 Mobile
3 Mobile £25
Per Month
iPad With Retina Display
  • 15GB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £159.00 Up Front Cost
  • 24 Month Contract

Data Plans
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Returnable £50 deposit required
  • Direct from Orange
Orange £21
Per Month
iPad Mini
  • 250MB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £0.00 Up Front Cost
  • 24 Month Contract

  • Extra 1GB UK WiFi data
  • Also available 32GB and 64GB models
  • Direct from Vodafone
Vodafone £27
Per Month
iPad 2
  • 2GB Data Allowance
  • 16GB Memory
  • £69.00 Up Front Cost
  • 24 Month Contract

Pay Monthly iPad With 10% Off

Great news! We have recently teamed up with to get you a discount of 10% off an iPad on finance when you open a Very credit account. No you can get an iPad on buy now pay later. You can choose from the iPad 2, iPad mini and the new iPad 4th genteration with retina display.

  • Prices for the New iPad 4th generation start at £399 but you get it at £359.
  • Prices for the iPad 2 start at £329 but with our 10% discount you can get it for under £300.
  • Prices for the iPad mini start at £269 but you get it for £252.

To claim your 10% discount with Very you need choose the iPad you want and sign up to a credit account. If you visit this page you will be presented with a voucher code to claim you 10% discount. You can choose to pay nothing for up to 12 months on your iPad and if you pay in full before the due date then you can receive your iPad interest free. To find more details about this offer please visit this link.

Ipad Contract With No Up Front Cost

One of the best iPad contract deals around at the moment is for the 16 GB iPad with retina display. Orange are offering this iPad with no upfront cos. You do however have to pay a returnable deposit of £50. This is one of the best value plans at present and you can choose 2 different data plans. The £36 a month tariff comes with 2GB of monthly data or alternatively light data users can get 250MB a month for only £31 a month.

Vodafone do not offer as much data with their plans but what they do include is an extra 1GB of mobile wifi access with BT Openzone where you can hook up to  any one of the 3000 hotspots which are located around the country.

The Best Data Deals With Loads Of Internet Data

If you are planning on using your iPad a lot more when you are out and about you may want to consider a deal with 15GB of data included in the plan. 3 Mobile have the perfect offer for you if this is the case. They have the same monthly price for each of their data plans at £25 per month. Now you just have to choose which model you want. All of the iPads on contract at 3 Mobile come with an upfront charge. The lowest is £69 for the 16GB tablet and the highest is for the 64GB tablet at £329.

Which iPad Plan Should I Choose Based On My Credit Rating?

If you have a bad credit rating the chances are you are not going to get an iPad on contract. However if you already have a mobile contract with your network and are up to date with your payments then you may be able to take out an extra contract i.e. an iPad contract. For this it would be better to get in touch with your provider directly rather than through this website. An alternative would be to apply for a loan from a company that specialises in bad credit such as Provident. This way you may be able to get the loan to cover the cost of an iPad and then opt for a sim only data plan instead.

If you have an excellent credit rating then you should have no problem opting for the deals with the lower upfront charges and as these offer better value for money then they should be the plans that you choose. If your credit rating is good but not perfect the the deals with then you would be better off choosing a plan where you a good amount of the plan upfront. This may help prove to the network that you are more likely to be able to afford to keep up with the monthly payments.

Posted By Darren Carter. Last Updated 2nd of March 2015

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